FREE Printable Menu Planner

Free printable meal planner and shopping list printable

I am so excited to offer my first free printable! For those that love planning and love to make lists, this free printable menu planner is a must have!


I’ve always been a sucker for planners. And paper. And pens. And markers. Any sort of stationary. Anything and everything to do with writing things down and doodling. Seriously, I see a new planner or a new set of pens and I just have to buy them.

I LOVE lists! I am a huge to – do list person. I start every day off with a list and prioritize that list. I also do the same with our menu every week. There are weeks that are crazy and it doesn’t get done and I feel like we end up eating out if we don’t have a plan. And then we waste money and it feels like the entire week was a disaster…personally and financially. A plan is how we save money and save our sanity.


My husband is the cook in the house (we can both cook…he just enjoys it more than I do..I prefer to bake). A few nights a week he has to work late and these are the nights that I cook and I plan the meals accordingly. I try to make the list on Friday and do my shopping by Sunday night.

With this thought in mind, I decided to make a cute (and FREE) printable meal planner/shopping list sheet that I can use each week….and because I love it so much, I am offering it to you for free!

Printable menu planner and shopping list

Here is a preview of my free printable meal planner and shopping list. Just click the black DOWNLOAD button and you will be able to download the planner. (Don’t download the watermarked image)

Hope you enjoy! This is my first free printable so let me know how it works out!

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