Holly grew up in the Western Nebraska and a few years after high school graduation, moved to Lincoln NE where she would pursue one of her many aspirations. Upon graduating from the University of Lincoln in 2005, she spent a few years in Omaha and Kansas City before returning to Western Nebraska. In 2011, with a passion for home and design, she started her her freelance graphic design business, HollyPop Designs specializing in art for the home. With several successful years behind her, she has decided to expand her career and branch out into the world of blogging.

From Holly:

As a little girl, there were two things I wanted be. One was an artist. The other….a writer.. Over the years, these dreams changed but my love of art never did. One thing I’m not, is a writer.

My hope with this blog is that I change that. One reason for starting this blog is to expand my business. I have felt for a few years it needs something more and I want more out of it as well. With this blog, I hope to start creating free printables to offer my customers as well as offer a bit into my life.

Another reason for this blog is more along along the lines of self discovery. I want to better myself and learn more about myself. I’m a girl who is always grateful and rarely satisfied. I’m full of ideas and this of course, is my next one.

Starting this blog, scares me to death. I am one of the shiest people you will ever meet (and one of the loudest once I know you) so expresing myself online for the world to see will be a new thing for me. But, I want to face that fear. And I hope this blog will help me with that.

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